Theory of Knowledge, Fall 2018 at Lebanese American University

Key resources


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Deadlines: Drafts due on Wednesday, November 28; feedback due on Wednesday, December 5; final due on Monday, December 10

Final suggested topics

short essay (October 24)

Close reading (September 19)

Class notes and weekly resources

Week 14: Foucault; Mendel chart 2

Week 12: Haraway; Free will example podcast; Juno images; Haraway p2

Week 11: Longino; supplement

Week 8: s12 Pryor, s13 Internalism/externalism

Week 7: s10 Gettier, s11 Gettier

Week 6: Kant lexicon, s8 Kant, S8a kant, S9 Kant, Kant in-class exercise

Week 5: S6 Hume, S7 Hume, inference slides

Week 3: S4 Descartes, S5 Descartes

Week 2: S2 Nagel; S3 Sextus