Existentialism, Fall 2018 at Lebanese American University

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Final suggestions

Short Essay

Close reading assignment text / instructions

Class notes and weekly resources

Week 13: Haraway reading (for make up)

Week 12: Butler on De Beauvoir; de Beauvoir on otherness

Week 11: 2nd Sex; 2nd Sex p2

Week 10: The Look

Week 9: Death

Week 8: The They; Anxiety

Week 7: Readiness-to-Hand; Dasein; Existential Freedom

week 6: s8 negation; s9 negation

Week 5: Intentionality s6, Intentionality s7

Week 3: Intentionality s5

Week 2: Sartre EH s3

Week 1: Introduction notesSartre EH (session 2)